5 Ways to Increase Feed Intake in Broilers

How to increase the intake of broiler chickens?

The size of broiler intake has a great relationship with its weight gain rate and feed utilization, and the growth

broiler ground raising system

Advantages of broiler raising on ground

What are the advantages of raising broilers with thick litter on the ground? What are the disadvantages? Broiler ground thick

modern layer chicken house

Temperature control in standardized chicken house

Due to the short time of the rise of standardized chicken houses in various places, the management experience accumulated is

broiler chickens raising equipment

Feeding and management of broiler chicks

The management of broiler chicks is divided into three periods: before, during and after. In order to do a good

broiler farms

How to plan the layout of the broiler farm

Different chicken farms have different planning layouts. Regardless of the type or number of buildings, the planning layout must be

How to Build a Poultry Coop

How to build a good chicken coop

The growth environment of broiler chickens is crucial to their growth and health. We must choose the site scientifically, lay

broiler farming

The Profit of Broiler Farming

The consumer demand for chicken will continue to increase, and chicken is rich in nutrients, unique in flavor, cheap and

modern poultry farm

Advantages of modern laying hens chicken farming

After strict disinfection, the reporter walked into the farm of Guizhou Layer Hen Breeding Co., Ltd. There are not many

modern chicken house

Treatment plan for dead chickens in chicken farms

Sick and dead chickens, if not handled properly, will not only increase the risk of health and epidemic prevention work

egg layer chicken cage

Effective measures to reduce egg breakage rate(2)!

3.disease factors Chicken infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, etc. Viral diseases can cause a serious decrease in eggshell quality. On the

modern chicken house

Effective measures to reduce egg breakage rate!

一.Comprehensive measures to reduce egg breakage rates In the process of egg farming In addition to egg production rate, feed-to-egg