How to increase the intake of broiler chickens?

The size of broiler intake has a great relationship with its weight gain rate and feed utilization, and the growth of broilers has a great impact on the slaughter, so how to increase broiler feed intake in a modern broiler farm? What are the methods?

1、Add spices

Seasoning spices (such as cloves, ginger, sweet chili, etc.) can be added to the broiler feed not only to stimulate the appetite of chickens, but also to improve the quality of chicken meat, making it taste better and can be kept fresh for a long time.

broiler battery cage

broiler raising system

2、Increase light

In the appropriate temperature range, the appetite of chickens under low temperature conditions is good and more food is taken. Therefore, in hot weather in summer, ventilation in the poultry house should be strengthened to reduce the house temperature, and light can be increased in the morning and evening in order to increase the amount of food taken. In addition, you can have 23 hours of light and 1 hour of darkness every day. This method is to make the chicks adapt to the dark environment in order to prevent accidents when there is a lighting failure, which can cause chickens to scare the flock.

broiler farms

broiler farms

3、Control the temperature

About 30 days of chicks, if more than 25 ℃ house temperature, each 1 ℃ lower temperature, broiler feeding will increase by 1.6%. This is the same as people usually have little appetite in summer, and the same is true for chickens. Therefore, pay attention to the temperature of the chicken house.

4、Add glucose

It is suitable for chickens with long illness and very high casualty rate, while chickens are weak, adding glucose can be used to increase the body energy. Calculate the amount of glucose according to the concentration of 5% and the chicken’s drinking water for 6 hours, and concentrate on drinking for 4-5 hours.

broiler breeding

broiler breeding

5、Add vitamin B complex

With this method only one situation can be, that is, the chickens are almost close to the state of healing, but only feed intake is slightly worse. Only when adding vitamin B complex, it is recommended that it must be mixed and mixed, and it is not recommended to use drinking water to give the drug, otherwise the effect is not good.

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