How to build a good chicken coop

The growth environment of broiler chickens is crucial to their growth and health. We must choose the site scientifically, lay out reasonably and pay attention to environmental protection in order to create a good environment for the growth of broiler chickens and promote their rapid growth. Today I will give you some points about the construction of chicken coop.

automatic chicken farm

automatic chicken farm

on the choice of site:

1.Examine the topography and terrain.

Chicken farms should be built on high terrain, flat and slightly sloping places (ground slope of 1%-3% is appropriate) should not exceed a maximum of 25%, such conditions are conducive to the control of the internal and external environment of the chicken farm, but also to reduce the harm of parasites.

Site selection should also pay attention to the local climate change conditions, mountain and valley areas and other areas are generally not considered. Mid-mountain areas are more ideal.

2.Examine the soil.

The soil of the chicken farm requires good permeability, as well as having good moisture retention. It is also resistant to pressure and suitable for building construction.

Sandy loam soil is an ideal soil for building a farm. It has better drainage than other kinds of soil, as well as good heat insulation, and also meets the sanitary requirements of chicken farms. It is a good choice for building farms.

battery hicken cage

battery chicken cage

3.Examine the water source.

Water is the source of life, raising chickens can not be separated from water. Construction of chicken farms must have a reliable source of water, at least should meet the three basic conditions of sufficient water, good water quality, in line with water quality standards.

4.examine the geography and traffic.

When choosing a site, you should pay attention to the relationship between the chicken farm and the surrounding society, neither make the chicken farm become a source of pollution around, nor by the surrounding environment, should be selected in the residential area of the low and downwind amount.

The outskirts of the city is a good choice of site, away from residential areas and frequent traffic flow, generally requiring 400 meters from the main highway, secondary roads 100-200 meters or more. However, it should be noted that the choice of chicken farm address should be conducive to the transportation of products.

broiler raising equipment

broiler raising equipment

5.Examine the power supply.

The provision of electricity is the immediate needs of a chicken farm, in addition to the hatching room requires 24-hour power supply, while the light of the chickens also need power supply.


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