What causes chicks to pecking their feathers?

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In the breeding process, if you see a lot of chicks often pecking feathers, we have to think that maybe there is something wrong in the breeding process, the following 4 aspects need to pay attention to:

pullet chicken cage

pullet chicken cage

1.Feed nutrition.

Lack of sulfur-containing amino acids in the feed or low crude fiber in the feed, etc. When feather pecking occurs due to a lack of sulfur-containing amino acids, chickens will eat the feathers they peck off. As chickens are more active than usual when they are malnourished, chicks pecking feathers  increases.

2.Reasons for feeding management.

Such as excessive density of chickens, poor ventilation in the coop, too much light, insufficient diet bits, improper or no beak breaking, too much humidity or too dry in the coop, etc. If the poultry house is too dry, the skin will be uncomfortable, thus self-pecking, and then develop into mutual feather pecking.

Classification of poultry ventilation systems!

Classification of poultry ventilation systems!


Especially chronic intestinal diseases that lead to malnutrition absorption and pecking; roundworm, tapeworm and other internal parasitic diseases can also occur due to malnutrition and pecking; ectoparasites such as mites, feather lice, etc. when present, the parasites will suck the blood of the chicken, leading to nutritional depletion.

4.Physiological feather pecking.

From birth to maturity, some chickens will peck at the feathers they have lost, which may later develop into pecking at the feathers on their bodies.

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