Advantages of broiler raising on ground

What are the advantages of raising broilers with thick litter on the ground? What are the disadvantages?

Broiler ground thick litter feeding is one of the common chicken house feeding methods for broiler chicken farming. Broiler thick ground litter feeding can not only reduce the cost of raising chickens, but also promote the normal development of broilers, but each feeding method must have disadvantages. The same is true for broiler raising with thick bedding on the ground. Let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of broiler raising on the ground.

Thick litter feeding on the ground of broilers refers to a feeding method in which 5 to 10 cm of litter is spread on the ground of the chicken house that has been strictly disinfected, and the chickens move on the litter throughout the growth period. The litter is required to be soft, dry, strong in water absorption, not easy to harden, not moldy, and non-polluting. During the feeding process, the hardened bedding should be loosened at any time according to the specific situation, the wet bedding should be removed, and new bedding should be added.

broiler ground raising system

broiler ground raising system

Advantage of broiler floor raising system

  1. It is suitable for the growth and development of broilers, and the temperature is slightly lower than that of the net in the hot season. Usually do not remove the feces, do not change the bedding, saving labor and time;
  2. In winter, litter fermentation can be used to generate heat to increase the chicken house temperature; the activity of chicks on the litter is increased, and the incidence of pecking is reduced.
  3. The method is simple and easy to operate, requires less investment in equipment, has a low incidence of chest cysts, and has few defective products.
broiler raising

broiler raising


  1. A large amount of bedding is required and repeated investment. Litter management is difficult. If the management is not good and the litter is wet, it is prone to various digestive tract and respiratory infections: such as colibacillosis, coccidiosis, and chronic respiratory diseases.
  2. The direct contact between chicks and feces will increase the incidence of coccidiosis, and other infectious diseases will easily spread. The contradiction between ventilation and heat preservation is prominent, and hygiene management is difficult. The utilization value of chicken manure is reduced.
  3. High labor intensity and low production efficiency
broiler floor raising

broiler floor raising


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