Broiler breeding should pay attention to “heating”!

After nearly two or three years of observation, analysis, thinking and summarization of large-scale broiler breeding, I have a new understanding: most of the diseases that occur during broiler breeding are related to “heat”. Especially in good conditions, good equipment and large-scale farms, the word “hot” accounts for a large proportion.

Heat, there are external heat and internal heat, the addition of the two, the heat is more abundant, the greater the impact on the flock.

broiler breeding

broiler breeding

How to understand external heat?

1.Improvement of heating equipment and heating methods.

Now, it is almost always the heating method of hot air stove or heating air supply. From the first day, such hot air is continuously sent into the chicken house, and the temperature is easy to be too high. The hot air blows straight to the chickens, causing the chickens to open their mouths to breathe, spread their wings, and do heat dissipation. The water intake has increased greatly, and the phenomenon of chickens grabbing water and bathing is common.

At the beginning, there was still a little humidity in the chicken house. After a few days of hot air, the humidity disappeared, and it became dry and hot. If you add additional water or spray to increase the humidity, it becomes damp heat. So this degree is very difficult to grasp.

Wind-heat can easily cause colds, red and swollen eyes, tearing, foaming, and elongated corners of the eyes.

Dry heat can easily cause lung heat, mouth breathing, dry stools, and severe bronchial blockage.

Damp heat can easily cause spleen and stomach discomfort, indigestion, overfeeding, adenomyosis, enteritis, and red feces.

chicken breeding equipment

chicken breeding equipment

2.Dare to ventilate or not ventilate.

The word “fear” is the general psychology of chicken farmers. Afraid of getting cold, afraid of catching a cold, afraid of the cold wind, afraid that the temperature is low and difficult to take care of, and so on. Therefore, in the first few days, most people will not turn on the fan, even if it is turned on, it is very small and the speed is very slow.

Some people think that the chickens have enough oxygen and do not need ventilation, or that the chicken house has little smell and does not need ventilation in the early stage, so they do not turn on the fan.

There are also those that cannot be ventilated. It depends on the equipment and does not observe the state of the chickens. It is OK to simply turn on the fan, open the side window or the ventilation duct. Without measuring the wind speed, without observing the dead angle, without feeling the air flow in the middle, it will not work.

The longer the broiler breeding chicken coop, the easier it is to suffocate in the middle, so be careful.

3.In the later stage.

The breathing volume of the chickens increases, and the exhaled carbon dioxide increases, which leads to an increase in the heat of the chicken house, insufficient oxygen, and higher requirements for ventilation. This is also a hot performance.

broiler chicken cage

broiler chicken cage

How to solve this problem?

1.Change the concept of feeding and improve the feeding environment

It is recommended that the temperature should not be too high during the brooding period, but it can be a little lower. As long as the chickens are not crowded and dispersed evenly, there is no phenomenon of opening their mouths to breathe. As long as the chickens open their mouths, it is hot, and the temperature needs to be adjusted. Of course, the adjustment range of the temperature should be small, do not fluctuate high or low, that is even worse.

2.The humidity should be reasonable, not too high or too low.

This problem needs to be adjusted independently according to the geographical location of the broiler breeding chicken farm, climate change, etc., and it is necessary to accumulate experience in the breeding process.

3.Timely ventilation and smooth breathing of the flock is the ideal state.

Heat is conducted, and it must be conducted from high places to low places. Therefore, when the outside temperature is a little lower, the internal heat of the body will be conducted out. When the outside temperature is too high, the internal heat of the body will not only be unable to get out, but the external heat will also invade, causing the body to become hotter.

Broiler breeding should pay attention to "heating"!

Broiler breeding should pay attention to “heating”!

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