How to start a 20,000 broiler farming project?

Starting a large-scale broiler project with a scale of 20,000 broilers requires adequate preparation. Choose Retech’s broiler farming equipment to improve breeding efficiency, productivity and chicken health. The following is a guide to help you successfully start your 20,000 broiler farming business plan:

chicken feeding systems

broiler farming equipment

1.Planning and preparation phase

Choose a suitable land location:

  • Select a place with ample space for expansion and good ventilation.
  • Make sure the selected site has access to clean water, electricity, and a good road network for transporting feed and chickens.

Initial investment:

  • Calculate the initial investment cost, including the purchase of land, breeding equipment, chicks, as well as feed, vaccines and labor costs.

2.Install Retech Farming’s broiler breeding cage equipment

Retech’s broiler breeding cage system:

  • H-type broiler breeding cage: This equipment is very suitable for large-scale broiler breeding projects. It is designed for commercial broiler breeding, with 3 tiers or 4 tiers equipment options to optimize space usage and high-density breeding, while also ensuring the comfort and health of the chickens.

Main features:

  • Automated feeding and drinking system: Ensure that feed is evenly distributed, and the water line design always provides clean and sufficient water to ensure adequate drinking water.
  • Resilient floor and manure removal system: The resilient floor design can reduce the occurrence of plantar dermatitis and other injuries to chickens, while the automatic manure removal system ensures a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Climate Control System: The integrated climate control system provides the optimal farming environment by regulating temperature, humidity and ventilation.
broiler farms

broiler farms

3.Equipment Installation and Setup

  • Retech’s professional installation team works in countries such as Senegal, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, and the Philippines, and works with Retech’s installation team to build and install equipment. They will provide equipment layout design and ensure the correct installation of cages, feeders, waterers, and climate control systems.

4.Purchase and Raise Broilers

  • Purchase Chicks: Purchase one-day-old broiler chicks from a reputable hatchery and make sure they have completed vaccinations and are in good health.
  • Brood Management: Special attention needs to be paid during the brooding stage to maintain a suitable temperature, provide high-quality primary feed, and ensure that the environment is well ventilated.

5.Daily Management


  • Choose high-quality commercial broiler feed that is nutritionally balanced.
  • Ensure that the automatic feeder is functioning properly to provide adequate feed supply.

Drinking Water:

  • Ensure that the automated drinking water system is functioning properly to ensure that the chickens have continuous access to clean drinking water.

Health Management:

  • Perform regular vaccinations and health checks as planned.
  • Implement biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of disease.

Manure disposal:

  • Use an automated manure removal system to reduce odor in the chicken house, keep the cages clean, and reduce the risk of disease.

Monitoring growth and development:

  • Check the weight and health of the chickens regularly to ensure that they are growing and developing normally.

6.Harvesting and selling


  • Broilers are usually ready for sale at 6-7 weeks of age. You can plan the batches of chickens based on market demand and the target weight of the chickens.


  • Develop a marketing plan for the sale of your broilers. Consider selling directly to consumers, local markets, restaurants, and food processing companies.

7.Retech Farming Support and Services

Training and Support:

  • Take advantage of the training and support services provided by Retech Farming. They can provide professional advice to help you manage your broiler farming project more effectively.

After-sales Service:

  • Retech provides high-quality after-sales service, including equipment maintenance, technical support, and regular inspections to ensure that your farm can operate smoothly.
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