How to raise broilers to grow fast?

In the production of broiler chickens, slaughter weight is an important indicator to measure the effect of broiler breeding. So how can broiler chickens grow fast? What do broiler farming

  1. Use full nutritional value ingredients

Use comprehensive nutritional feeds, that is, what we often call full-price feeds. You can buy some feeds if you have the conditions, or you can formulate your own scientific formulas and give them a good combination, which can not only meet the nutritional needs of broilers in all aspects, but also improve the Feed rate of return and reduce feed waste.

  1. Scientific broiler farm feeding management

Broiler chickens require different nutrition and feeding management in different growth periods. The feeding goal of the brooding period (0 to 3 weeks old) is that the body weight of each week age can reach the target in time. Some data show that the weight of chickens at the end of 1 week is 1 gram less than the standard body weight, and the slaughter weight will be 10-15 grams less.

2-3 weeks of age should be properly restricted to prevent excess body weight and reduce the occurrence of ascites, sudden death syndrome and leg disease. The protein content in this period of feed should not be less than 21%, and the energy per kilogram of feed should be 12.46-13.37 MJ.

The middle chicken stage (4-6 weeks old) is the skeleton forming stage. The focus of feeding is to provide a nutritionally balanced full-price diet. The protein content of the feed in this period should be above 19%, and the energy per kilogram of feed should be maintained at 13.38 MJ about.

In the fattening period (6 weeks old to slaughtering), in order to accelerate weight gain and increase the energy level in the feed, 1% to 5% of animal oil can be added to the diet, and the crude protein content can be reduced to 17% to 18%.

3.Whole process technology of broiler breeding

  1. Before the chicks enter the broiler farm, the chicken coop that is to be brooded should be fully disinfected, especially the chicken coop that has raised chickens before.
  2. The chicken house must be heated 12 hours before the chicks are put into it, especially for some large breeders. The brooding houses generally used by these large farmers are relatively large. If they are not heated 12 hours in advance, once the chicks enter the house, the temperature will not reach 33-35°C, which will cause the chicks to gather together and not be treated in time. will cause death.
  3. Be sure to prepare feed troughs, drinking fountains, electric lights and other things. The newly introduced chickens should not drink cold water, but warm water can be prepared. When feeding the chickens, you can put a certain amount of glucose and gentamicin in the water. , water-soluble vitamins so that the chicks can drink water when they enter the coop.
  4. Generally, from the first day to 50 days after the broiler is put on the market, the broiler should be raised scientifically according to the process every day. Chickens can be vaccinated for the first time after about 3 days, and it is relatively simple to vaccinate them by drinking water.