Is it profitable to raise broilers chickens?

Should you choose to breed broilers or laying hens? To choose according to the local market conditions, today we will analyze the advantages of breeding broilers.

What are the advantages of breeding broilers?

1. The early growth rate of broilers is very fast. Generally, the weight of hatched chicks is 40 grams. After 56 days of feeding, the weight is close to 2000 grams, which is 50 times the weight of hatching.
2. The production cycle is short and the turnover is fast. Broilers are usually 8 weeks old and weigh more than 1.5 kg, and each batch should be cleaned, disinfected and fumigated for 10-14 days after sale. A batch is raised for about 10 weeks, and if chicks are available in time, five batches can be produced a year.

broiler breeding

broiler breeding

3. High feed utilization efficiency. The feed conversion ratio of broilers chickens is close to the level of 2:1 in many countries in the world. Broiler chickens can further improve the feed conversion ratio by increasing the early growth rate to shorten the developmental period.

4. High density, high utilization rate of chicken coop. Compared with laying hens, broilers are quiet and immobile. Except for food and water, they rarely peck and fight, especially in the late fattening period due to the rapid increase in body weight and the decrease in activity.
Although the density increases with the growth of chickens, due to the small degree of air pollution in the house, as long as there are suitable ventilation conditions, the stocking density can be increased.

5. Suitable for mechanical feeding, saving labor. The broilers chickens are raised in cages, with high density. The chickens are in the cage, which is convenient for feeding, egg picking, manure cleaning, and epidemic prevention. The use of automated production lines can improve labor efficiency.

broiler equipment

broiler chicken cage

Analysis of the Prospect of Broiler Breeding

Because broilers have the characteristics of high feed remuneration, fast turnover and more profits. The consumer demand for chicken will continue to increase, and chicken is rich in nutrients, unique in flavor, cheap and high-quality, the consumption of chicken will continue to increase, and the prospect of the broiler industry is brighter.

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