What are feeding equipment in chicken house?

Chicken house common feeding equipment includes four parts: storage tower, feeder, feeder and feeding trough.

(1) Storage tower

Outside the laying hen chicken house, the upper part is cylindrical and the lower part is conical, and the angle between the cone and the horizontal plane should be greater than 60 degrees

In order to facilitate the discharge, the feeder will send the feed to the feeding trough when feeding.

(2) Feeder

There are chain plate type, coil spring type, plug plate type, etc. The chain plate type is used in flat raising and various caged laying hen houses. When the chain link passes through the feed box, the feed is brought to the trough; the coil spring type is applied to the flat laying hen chicken house, and the motor drives the feeder through the reducer. Figure 2-41 Storage tower

The coil spring in the round tube rotates, and the feed in the feed box is fed into the feeding round tube, and then falls into the round trough from each blanking opening in the round tube; the plug-type feeding machine consists of a It is composed of 6 mm steel wire and multiple plug discs. The feed is transported in a closed pipeline. One feeding machine can feed 2~3 laying hen chicken houses at the same time.

(3) Feeding trough

Flat feeding is widely used and is suitable for feeding dry powder, wet and pellets, and can be made into large, medium and small long troughs.

(3) Feeding barrel

It is composed of a plastic bucket, a circular material tray and a connecting adjustment mechanism. There is a short chain between the material bucket and the material tray, leaving a certain gap.