The advantages of breeding broiler over laying hens

The cost of purchasing broiler seedlings is low, the growth rate is fast, and the growth cycle is short. Relatively speaking, the breeding cycle of laying hens is long (about 500 days in total for brooding, breeding, and egg production), and the breeding cycle of broilers is short.

It can be slaughtered in more than one month to three months (depending on the variety), and the weight fully conforms to the market standard.
The feeding cycle of broilers is short, which saves the cost of feed compared with laying hens, and the digestive system of broilers is relatively strong, and the feed utilization rate is high. Strengthening the growth and nutrition of broilers can shorten the growth cycle, further reduce feed costs, and improve the economic benefits of breeding.

1.High feed utilization

The breeding density of broilers is high, and the space utilization rate of the chicken house is high. Unlike laying hens, broiler chickens do not like activities. They like to be quiet and basically do not fight with each other except to eat and drink.

Even in the later stages, there is a significant reduction in activity due to weight gain. Although the density gradually increases with the size of the broiler, as long as the house is clean ,and well ventilated and insulated, the breeding density can be increased appropriately and the final number of slaughtered can be increased.
The breeding rate of broilers is high. According to the number of chicks, the survival rate of breeding and selling is more than 98%, which provides conditions for large-scale industrial production of broilers.

broiler breeding

broiler breeding

Broilers like to be quiet and are very suitable for mechanical feeding. Mechanical feeding can effectively reduce manpower and reduce labor costs.

Typically, broilers are housed in cages and raised in cage density.

Almost all management tasks can be performed in the cage, such as feeding, cleaning. Using this fully automatic mechanical feeding method increases efficiency and increases economic efficiency.
Due to the fast growth rate of broilers, short production cycle, high feed remuneration, simple feeding technology and equipment, and suitable for large-scale production.

Therefore, broiler production has the characteristics of less investment, quick effect and high benefit.

The broiler chicken is tender and easy to cook, easy to digest and absorb (the digestibility is as high as 94% to 95%), and it contains reasonable nutrition, mainly high protein content, good quality, low fat and cholesterol content, and high mineral content. , welcomed by modern consumers.

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