What to Do About Chicken Coop Dust?

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Dust does not sound terrible, but it is extremely harmful. Respiratory diseases are one of the most common diseases in chickens, and the external cause of respiratory diseases in chickens is dust. In addition, the dusty chicken coop will also bring certain health threats to the chicken farmers who work in it. Therefore, reducing the dust in the chicken coop is something that chicken farmers must do.

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1. How is dust produced?

Sometimes the production of dust in the chicken house will produce dust. In some small chicken farms, the chicken coop is still on the dirt floor, and dust is more likely to be generated in this case. Plus, birth is inevitable. The feathers on the chickens, the feces excreted by the chickens, the feed eaten by the chickens, and the bedding in the henhouse, etc. will generate serious dust when they are transferred, caught, collected eggs, and cleaned. Therefore, for dust, chicken farmers should consider from the two dimensions of dust generation time and dust concentration to achieve reasonable cleaning.

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2. How serious is the hazard of dust?

After the dust is inhaled, it will damage the respiratory mucosa of the chicken, and the risk of respiratory diseases will increase greatly. If the concentration of dust is high and lasts for a long time, it may cause the flock to die in a short time. In addition, house dust may block the ventilation system, which not only reduces the ventilation effect, but also wastes electricity. Some chicken coops often see cobwebs on the roof, which is because there is more dust. Because spiders like to build their webs in places with a lot of dust and poor air, this is the safest place for their webs.

3.How to reduce the dust in the chicken coop?

  • Increase the ventilation and humidity;
  • clean the chicken coop regularly and regularly to ensure the cleanliness of the chicken coop and cages and reduce the deposition of dust;
  • spray water in the chicken coop;
  • add vegetable oil to the feed to reduce the dust caused by feeding.

The above methods are all good ways to reduce dust in the chicken coop.

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modern layer chicken house

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