How to install the farming fan?

Tunnel ventilation system in chicken house

The ventilation effect of the breeding negative pressure fan is very good. The installation of the negative pressure fan has a great influence on the effect of the equipment, but how to install it can achieve the maximum effect. What should be paid attention to during installation?
1. Before installing the negative pressure fan, carefully check whether the fan is in good condition, whether the parts are loose or falling off, check whether the fan blades or shutters are falling off, and ensure the integrity of the equipment; there should not be too many obstacles on the opposite side of the installation, otherwise it will affect The effect of the fan.


exhaust fans

2. When installing the fan, it is required to be stable. Pay attention to the position where the fan is installed to be level with the ground, and the motor should not be tilted after installation. Then adjust the tightness of the motor belt to make it more convenient to use.
3. After installation, check whether the airtightness of the poultry equipment is good, and if there is a gap, seal it; and shake the fan blade by hand to check whether it is too tight or the friction is severe.

Classification of poultry ventilation systems!

Classification of poultry ventilation systems!

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