Several Ways of Chicken Infectious Diseases

1.egg spread

Some chicken infectious diseases pathogens exist in the ovaries or fallopian tubes of breeders and enter the eggs during the formation of the eggs.

When the egg is expelled through the cloaca, pathogens attach to the shell.

There are also eggs that are contaminated by pathogens through various utensils (eggs, incubators, etc.) and the hands of staff.

Now known poultry chicken infectious diseases that can be transmitted through eggs include pullorum, hepatitis, and egg-drop syndrome.

layer cage

layer cage

2.Incubation room spread

Mainly occurs when chicks start pecking to hatch.

At this point, the chick begins to breathe, and exposure to the surrounding environment accelerates the spread of pathogens attached to eggshell debris and fluff.

Avian diseases transmitted through this route include: avian aspergillosis, hepatitis, salmonellosis, etc.

automatic layer chicken farm

automatic layer chicken farm

3.Feed and water spread

Most chicken infectious diseases are infected by the ingestion of healthy chickens from pathogen-contaminated feed and drinking water.

The secretions, excrement and carcasses of sick birds can directly enter the feed and drinking water, and can also enter the feed and drinking water indirectly through contaminated processing, storage and transportation tools, equipment, places and staff.

Some harmful substances in the feed, such as aflatoxin, inferior fish meal, excessive salt and drugs added, improper storage of feed, and excessive time are the most common causes of poultry aspergillosis and poisoning.

chicken feeder

chicken feeder


Some pathogens are present in the respiratory tract of poultry, are released into the air through sneezing or coughing, and are inhaled by healthy chickens to become infected.

Some pathogens are excreted with secretions and excreta. After drying, they can form tiny particles or attach to dust and spread to distant places through the air.

The diseases transmitted in this way mainly include: chicken infectious bronchitis, avian influenza, chicken colibacillosis and so on.


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