Benefits of Diesel Generator for Chicken Farms

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Does your chicken farm have a diesel electric generator?The arrival of hot summer has brought greater challenges to our breeding. Layers in hot weather are affected by heat stress, with reduced feed intake, increased water intake, reduced egg weight, and thinner eggshells, etc., under extreme temperatures There will also be deaths.



Therefore, modern farms are equipped with high-tech and comprehensive equipment, including water curtain fans, fan water diversion systems, etc., and these systems require electric power to drive.

However, in summer, there are heavy rains, thunderstorms and strong winds. These extremely bad weather will cause power outages in some areas. Once the chicken farms lose power, it will cause incalculable losses. Rising, it is very easy to cause the death of laying hens. Therefore, in order to cope with the emergence of such extreme situations, the farm must have a backup power supply system. Has its own generator.

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At present, there are many generators on the market, and diesel generators are generally the ones with higher safety. The advantages of diesel generators are as follows:

  1. Good insulation, high temperature resistance, low failure rate
  2. Stable power generation, with a service life of up to 30 years, suitable for high-cold and high-heat regions
  3. Effectively reduce noise by 15-25 decibels without causing stress to chickens
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It is recommended that chicken farms must be equipped with generators. And friends who are already equipped with generators should do a good job in daily inspection and maintenance, so that they can be turned on when they are not in use. Have diesel ready too. In the hot summer, the normal production and operation of the chicken farm is guaranteed.

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