How to check whether the chickens has a fever?

In summer, chickens will also catch a cold, especially in areas where the temperature difference between day and night is relatively large, and in farms that use water curtains, the temperature may not be well controlled, causing the chickens to become cold and hot and cause colds.
Some farmers see that the mental state of their chickens is not very good, and they consult the veterinarian.

The veterinarian sometimes asks the farmers to touch the chickens to see if it has a fever. If you have a fever, you can try the temperature on your forehead. The chickens should have a fever. How to judge?
Under normal circumstances, the body temperature of the human body is several degrees lower than the body temperature of the chicken, so under normal circumstances, touching the chicken, especially the thigh root and wing root of the chicken, will feel that the body temperature of the chicken is a little warmer. How to detect whether the body temperature of the chicken is abnormal? What about fever?

layer chicken cage

Simple operation method: take a chicken with abnormal body temperature in one hand, and a normal chicken in the other hand, touch the same part, such as the root of chicken wings or thigh, to sense whether the temperature is consistent;
Professional method: If you have a thermometer or mercury thermometer at home, you can use the thermometer or mercury thermometer to directly test the same part of the chicken with normal body temperature and abnormal chicken (also the root of chicken wings or thighs) to see if there is a fever.

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