When will laying hens be eliminated?

The elimination time of laying hens actually has certain rules. Under normal circumstances, a laying hen will be eliminated when it grows to about 71 weeks of age.

It is about 500 days, because 500 days can be said to be a critical point for laying hens to lay eggs.

At this time, the laying rate of laying hens will begin to decline significantly, and the quality of eggs will also decrease.

layer chicken cage

Therefore, farmers can choose a time when the chicken market is considerable at this time, and it is best to choose to eliminate them before the holidays, so as to maximize the benefits.

Many chicken farms now have the problem of premature elimination of layer chickens. For some farmers with good breeding technology, it can prolong the peak period of layer chickens and lay eggs for a longer period of time. Generally, it can be cultivated for more than 70 weeks.

However, many farmers eliminated them at about 60 weeks, which was actually a serious waste of the laying performance of layer chickens.

The above is the introduction to the elimination of layer chickens. Many farmers think that the layers in the later stage have low egg production rate and poor quality. These can be adjusted through feeding and management work. If the elimination is too early, the impact on breeding efficiency will also be It is very large, so farmers should pay more attention.

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