Why use automatic feeding systems in chicken houses

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There are now many individual farms that have become small in size, and they use mostly traditional poultry farming methods. Traditional feeding is manual feeding, which is long and difficult. What would change if a fully automatic traveling car feeding system is used?

Traditional methods have many some problems and manual manual feeding is not convenient.

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broiler poultry farm

Traditional poultry farming:

1) Feeding the material tray is not convenient, manual operation and low efficiency.

2) It takes more time and effort to clean the material tray.

3) Feed waste is high and it is easy to cause spillage or leakage.

4) Unable to track the usage and difficult to monitor the amount of feed left.

5) Difficult to adjust feed quantity according to the different ages of chickens.

6) Inconvenient to change feed type.

7) Unsanitary conditions are prone to diseases.

So what is an automatic feeding system and how does it work?

A type layer cage

A type layer cage

The traveling crane feeding system is designed for egg and broiler chickens. The system consists of a dolly, a silo, a winch, a feeding device, a trough, a feeding conveyor and a feeding distribution device. In addition, there are accessories such as weighing system, which are installed upon request.

The traction drive motor is installed at one end of the track, and the motor reducer uses the drive wheel and wire rope to pull the feeding bin along the track to complete the feeding operation. The self-propelled structure is characterized by the traction drive component installed on the top hopper, which drives the trolley to run directly along the track to complete the feeding operation.

The automatic feeding system can be used to feed different kinds of food to chickens.

So what are the advantages of automatic feeding system?

modern poultry farm

laying hens farm

1) Save labor cost

Automatic feeding system saves labor cost by completing the work by machine instead of manual labor and reduces manual operation: Automatic feeding system reduces manual operation by using machine to operate automatically.

2)Improve work efficiency

Automatic loading system improves work efficiency by completing loading operation by machine instead of manual. This reduces labor consumption and improves work efficiency.

4) Easy to control

Automatic loading system is easier to control than manual loading system because it is controlled by computer.

6) Efficient

Automatic loading system is efficient because it completes the loading operation quickly and efficiently.

7) Convenient

Automatic loading system is easy to install and maintain, and easy to use.

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