7 common problems of raising chickens

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Chicken encounter disease is a very common situation, large or small, for common chicken diseases many chicken farmers are personally dispensing management treatment, but for some chicken problems, even experienced chickens breeders are at a loss. The following small compilation of a few common chicken farmers ask questions, let’s see how the experts answer.

chicken house

chicken house

Question 1: Ascites

Chicken farmers ask: summer ventilation, how can there be ascites syndrome?

A: 1, broiler chickens are prone to ascites syndrome in the late stages, it is generally believed that the lack of oxygen caused by the low temperature at night, but also to ensure ventilation; 2, infected with Salmonella, E. coli, mycoplasma, pneumonia flock prone to ascites syndrome.

Question 2: Why are the livers of chicks seven days old yellow

Chicken farmers ask: Hello teacher, my chicks 5 days old, a few dead, I dissected, the liver is yellow, how is this caused?

A: Chick liver yellow is normal, at this time the development of various organs are incomplete, the liver does not yet do not have the bleeding function, so it is yellow.

Question 3: High morbidity and mortality during the brooding period

Chicken farmers ask: Why is the brooding period the period with the highest morbidity and mortality of the flock?

A: Chicks need to adapt to changes in the external environment after they emerge from the shell, so they are under stress and should be managed better to adapt as soon as possible. Chicks with bacteria or toxins, coupled with a weaker body, such as preventive medicine is not appropriate back to cause death, so the chicks open medicine is very critical.

Question 4: Clogged bronchial tubes

Chicken farmers ask: What is bronchial blockage? What are the consequences?

A: Bronchial blockage is a multi-causal and multi-pathogenic disease that causes the respiratory system of chickens, mainly manifested in the blockage of mucus and formed protein material in the bronchial segment, resulting in rapid suffocation and death of chickens, and another manifestation is the serious lesions and failure of the lungs and air sacs. In some severe cases, systemic infection can occur. The disease has a rapid onset and is poorly treated. Large flocks heal well.

broiler floor raising

broiler floor raising

Question 5: About liver rupture in egg-laying hens

Chicken farmers ask:My chicken is 96 days old. When the dead chicken was dissected, there was liver cracking, what is it?

Answer:1. Breeding hens are too fat can cause liver crack; 2. Bacterial mycobacteria invade the liver, liver in some diseases directly attack the liver; 3. Inclusion body hepatitis, vibrio hepatitis. Salmonellosis can directly damage liver cells, causing degeneration and necrosis and prompting hepatic rupture hemorrhage. The process of detoxification can also cause liver cracking. If the liver rupture is caused by overweight chickens, choline chloride and methionine can be added to the feed.

Question 6: Etiology of white feces in chickens

Chicken farmers ask: Hello, I raised free-range chickens, recently found that the chickens always have white feces, please ask what is the disease?

A: The observation of individual chickens row white feces can be regardless, but if the increase should be considered a disease, generally may be chicks dysentery, E. coli disease, avian cholera, infectious bursal, kidney urate deposition, etc., it is recommended to combine the age and other symptoms of the flock together with the diagnosis of medication.

Question 7: Treating white diarrhea in chickens

Chicken farmers ask: how to cure white diarrhea in chickens?

Answer: You can use sulfonamides, such as sulfadiazine, gentamicin, benzylpenicillin, etc., and then give some microbial preparations accordingly, which are effective; you can’t use these drugs for a long time or increase the dose, you must know the antibacterial properties of the bacteria and have a certain course of treatment.

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