Improving the hatching rate in chicken farm?

For chicken farm, breeder hatchability is an important determinant of high profitability.

So, how can chicken farm improve the hatchability of breeders?

Breeder hatchability is affected by a variety of factors, and the following analysis is conducted for different situations to help hatcheries create higher benefits.

layer chicken cage

How to improve the hatching rate of breeders in chicken farm

1.Strengthen the breeding management of breeders

It is necessary to provide full-price compound feed, and correctly process and store the feed to meet the nutritional needs of the breeder for normal growth and egg production, and maintain its good body condition for chicken farm.

  1. In particular, crude protein and calcium must be supplied according to feeding standards;
  2. Strengthen the management of breeders to ensure that the chicken farms has suitable temperature, good ventilation and clean bedding;
  3. Pay attention to the prevention and control of chicken diseases, strictly implement the epidemic prevention procedures, and prevent the occurrence of diseases;
  4. The ratio of male and female hens should be reasonably arranged to ensure that the roosters have strong fecundity, improve the fertilization rate of the eggs, and thus improve the hatching effect of the chickens.

How to scientifically store and select eggs? Our next article will continue to introduce

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