How to deal with chicken manure from chicken farms?

With the increasing number and scale of chicken farms and more and more chicken manure, how can chicken manure be used to generate revenue?

Although chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, it cannot be applied directly without fermentation. When it is applied directly to the soil, it will ferment directly in the soil, and the heat generated during fermentation will affect crops. The growth of fruit seedlings will burn the roots of crops, which is called root burning.

In the past, some people used as feed for cattle, pigs, etc., but it was also due to the complicated process. It is difficult to use on a large scale; some people also dry chicken manure, but drying it consumes too much energy, the cost is too high, and it is not a sustainable development model.

After people’s long-term practice, chicken manure fermentation is still a relatively feasible method. Chicken manure fermentation is divided into traditional fermentation and microbial rapid fermentation.

Fermentation Tank

Fermentation Tank

1.The traditional fermentation

Traditional fermentation takes a long time, generally 1 to 3 months. In addition, the surrounding stench is unpleasant, mosquitoes and flies breed in large numbers, and the environmental pollution is very serious. When the chicken manure is wet, it needs to be supplemented, and more labor is required. In the fermentation process, it is a relatively primitive method to use a raking machine to turn the rake.

Although the equipment investment of traditional fermentation is relatively low, the cost of using traditional fermentation to process 1 ton of chicken farms is also relatively high under the current high labor costs, and traditional fermentation will be eliminated in the future.

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2.Rapid microbial fermentation

Microbial rapid fermentation is to decompose complex organic matter into simple organic matter, and also decompose organic matter into more complex organic matter. The mineralization of organic matter provides nutrients for microorganisms, produces more carbon dioxide, water and other nutrients, accelerates the decomposition rate, and releases a lot of heat. Therefore, the fermentation speed is very fast. Generally, it only takes about a week to change from chicken farms to organic fertilizer.

The principle of rapid fermentation of microorganisms is: the biomass reproduces rapidly and decomposes rapidly at a suitable temperature and a very suitable environment. Generally in the range of 45 to 70 degrees, the metabolism of microbial growth is very fast. Kill bacteria and harmful substances in feces. In a relatively closed small environment, microorganisms can continue to ferment, and chicken manure can be quickly converted into organic fertilizer only through normal feeding, production and output processes.

The chicken manure treated by the rapid fermentation of microorganisms has no odor, and the water content is only about 30%. Moreover, the rapid fermentation of microorganisms can completely treat the harmful gases and then discharge them, and there is no point in polluting the environment. Using the method of rapid fermentation of microorganisms can improve the breeding environment and improve the production efficiency. The dried chicken manure produced is a high-quality fertilizer for green food and organic products.

Fermentation Tank

Fermentation Tank