Do layer chickens keep laying eggs?

Do laying hens keep laying eggs? When is the best time to eliminate?

Different from broiler chickens, layer chickens are chickens raised specially to lay eggs to supply eggs. Eggs are the main source of income for laying hens.

Breeders of layer chickens should choose local chickens with strong physique, strong disease resistance, strong foraging ability, high egg quality, high egg production rate, rough feeding and adaptation to the local environment. So will laying hens keep laying eggs? When is the best time to cull?

The laying hens will lay eggs every day during the laying period, and will stop when the laying reaches about 10. At this time, the farmers will take away part of the eggs so that the layer chickens can lay eggs all the time, which is the reason for the high production of the layer chickens.

The egg production of laying hens will vary, and can generally be divided into three stages: the early stage of laying eggs, the peak period of laying eggs, and the later stages of laying eggs.

battery chicken cage

battery chicken cage

1. Early stage of egg laying
This stage is generally when the laying hens start to lay eggs, that is, when they are about 21 weeks of age. From the time of the 28-week-old laying hens, the time of different varieties of laying hens will be slightly different. The production of laying hens during this period is not very stable, and the laying time interval is not stable enough, and double-yolked eggs are prone to occur.

2. Peak egg production period
The peak egg laying period is the longest period of egg laying life of laying hens, which generally lasts for about 40 weeks, and the egg production is also the largest.

3. Late stage of egg laying
The late laying hens are generally between 60 and 72 weeks of age. At this time, the laying rate of laying hens has dropped a lot, and the laying rate is generally below 80%.