How to avoid summer heat in broiler farming?

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Hot weather in summer, broiler farming should pay attention to the summer heat, otherwise it will lead to the death of chickens, broiler summer breeding what matters need to pay attention to it?

broiler farms

broiler farms

一.breeding management points

1.Pay attention to the climate forecast.

Pay attention to the low temperature and high humidity, especially after the rain and heat, higher humidity will cause the wet curtain cooling ineffective, aggravating heat stress.

2.Reduce the breeding density.

Appropriately reduce the number of replacement pens, timely selection of disabled, weak, sick chicks, early expansion of the herd, reduce the breeding density.

3.Adjust the feeding hours.

Chickens 2-4 hours after feeding, heat production increased, so the low-temperature climate to prevent low-temperature time feeding, feeding hours to avoid low-temperature time, preferably before 8:00 am, after 5:00 pm. Watch out for moldy feed metamorphosis to prevent poisoning or intestinal diseases, daily net trough and limit the light once.

4.Enhance the night ventilation and cooling.

Facilitate the chickens to dissipate the daytime heat and increase the amount of food intake.

5.Timely adjustment of the water line to ensure adequate amounts of clean drinking water.

Low-temperature climate, the chickens need a lot of water, to ensure that the chickens have sufficient water, lower drinking water temperature, can drop the body temperature.

6.Timely compensation of electrolytes, vitamins.

Chickens breathe more, drink more water, easy to constitute the group acid-base balance imbalance, at this moment should be timely compensation electrolytes; compensation complex vitamins to improve the body’s ability to resist heat stress.

broiler raising on ground

broiler raising on ground

二. the method of heat preservation and cooling

1.Punctual inspection of electrical equipment. Reflect on whether the cable lines, electrical switches, motors, etc. can be normal, prepare spare components; punctual initiation of generators, whether the battery has power, whether normal operation, voltage and current can be normal input.

2.Keep time to reflect on whether the low temperature alarm, power failure alarm, phase failure alarm, etc. can operate normally, but do not rely excessively on the alarm, keep time to enter the shed to reflect.

3.Shed roof installation spraying method, can drop the house temperature 1 ~ 2 ℃.

4.Install wind-blocking curtain to increase wind speed. Shed arch orientation every 2~3 rooms, install wind curtain with plastic sheeting to add cross-sectional area and increase wind speed.

chicken house

cooling system in chicken coop

5.Adjust the share of fan and air inlet to prevent the negative pressure from being too large.

6.The house temperature is higher than the set temperature 1 ~ 4 ℃, enhance ventilation, the use of wind cooling effect cooling.
7.The house temperature is higher than 5 ℃, with wet curtain cooling, the beginning of the use of wet curtain, small windows mixed ventilation, and gradually transition to only use wet curtain cooling; stick to the rules, gradient cooling, to prevent cooling too fast, the chickens are cold and wind. Wet curtain water intermittent supply, so that the curtain has always been in the cycle of gradual drying and wetting, in order to achieve the best effect of water vapor from the surface of the water curtain paper vaporization.
8.Low temperature and high humidity, wet curtain cooling effect is not good, the humidity in the shed added, the chicken body temperature does not drop but increase, at this moment, should turn off the wet curtain water, simply increase ventilation, the use of wind cooling effect cooling.
9.The wet curtain can not lower the temperature to, the chickens still feel hotter, can give the chickens spray cooling, but certainly close the front of the shed doors and windows and other air inlets, adhere to the air circulation, otherwise, the chicken coop humidity full, the chicken complex suffocated death.

wet curtain

wet curtain

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