Advantages of automatic feeder equipment!

In the process of raising chickens, in addition to giving the flock a good living environment, feeding is very important. Now, farmers who use cages will choose to use automatic chicken raising equipment feeders to feed. The feeders can Better help major farmers to feed chickens in a timely and effective manner, which not only saves time, but also liberates manpower.

The preferred equipment for farmers to improve labor efficiency is the driving feeder. This equipment has become a good helper for farmers in feeding work. It can solve the problem of uneven artificial feeding and the upper flock cannot be fed. It can effectively improve the The work efficiency of the breeding staff can reduce the waste of feed, and indirectly reduce the economic expenditure of the farmers on the feed.

The traveling feeder has simple structure, convenient maintenance, cost saving and higher efficiency. The walking system is driven by chains and sprockets, with good shock-proof effect and corrosion resistance. Our company’s automatic feeding system can transfer the feed to the poultry stably and without separation, ensuring that each hen eats the daily feed, and cooperates with the high-edge feed trough to save feed and avoid spreading, and at the same time, it has high operating efficiency. , high maintenance requirements and long service life.

battery chicken cage

battery chicken cage

Principles of safe use of feeders

Remind everyone that to ensure the safety of the feeder, we must pay attention to the following matters:

  1. The feeder manufacturer emphasizes that the controller cannot be installed, wired or removed with electricity. Failure to do so may result in an accident or serious injury. Before installation, please read carefully, understand the “safety warning content” and strictly comply with the specified requirements.
  2. The driving element is very sensitive to the interference of electrostatic magnetic field, avoid installing it in the environment where static electricity is prone to occur, otherwise it will cause damage to the governor.
  3. Keep the drive away from dust and high humidity environment, and avoid accidental contact. Keep enough space around the drive for ventilation and easy adjustment.
  4. Keep away from other heat sources when fixing the drive. Ensure that the driver works within the specified ambient temperature range.
  5. Avoid installing it on equipment with excessive vibration; if you need to install it, take good anti-vibration measures.feeding system

How to maintain the automatic feeder

Daily maintenance:

  1. Coat the gear part of the feeder roller with gear butter and supplement and replace the gear oil.
  2. Whether there is dirt between the rollers of the feeder and whether there is foreign matter between the gears.
  3. Whether the screws and nuts combined between the various mechanisms of the feeder are loose.
  4. Whether the feeding roller of the feeder has good parallelism.

Periodic inspection:

  1. Whether the external wiring of the feeder is deformed, damaged, leaked or short-circuited.
  2. Whether the buttons and contacts of the operation panel of the feeder are connected, and whether there is oil stains attached.

Whether the contact points of the relays in the control panel of the feeder are in good condition.

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