Appropriate incubation conditions for chicken house

Provide suitable incubation conditions to improve the hatching rate of breeders.

3. Provide suitable incubation conditions

① Incubation temperature

Temperature is an important condition for incubation. Only at a suitable temperature can the normal material metabolism and growth and development of the embryo be ensured.
The suitable incubation temperature is 37.5℃~37.8℃.
The temperature in the incubator is required to be 22°C to 26°C. If the room temperature is too low and cannot be raised, the incubation temperature should be increased by 0.5°C to 0.7°C; if the room temperature is too high and cannot be lowered, the incubation temperature should be lowered by 0.2°C to 0.6°C.
Before hatching, try to adjust the temperature to make the temperature of each part in the incubator (machine) even and reach the standard;
During incubation, the hatching situation should be checked frequently for timely adjustment.
When hatching in batches, new and old eggs should be placed at intervals to make the temperature uniform.
In order to prevent the temperature difference inside the incubator, the temperature can be adjusted by increasing the number of inversions during the incubation period.

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Ventilation is very important, especially in the late incubation period, when the embryonic metabolism is enhanced, the heat production is large, and the oxygen demand is large.
During the incubation operation, all the inlet and outlet stomata of the incubator are closed for the first week; 1/3 of each at 7 embryonic age; 1/2 of each at 10 embryonic age; 2/3 of each at 12 embryonic age; All open from 3 weeks.
However, the temperature of the incubator should be maintained at 20°C to 25°C.
Generally, after the egg inspection and the turntable, all the air inlets and outlets are closed; when the temperature returns to normal, the air holes are restored to the level that they should be closed and opened.

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③ Grasp the critical period

1 embryonic age to 7 embryonic age and 18 embryonic age to 21 embryonic age are two critical periods in hatching.
In the early stage, measures such as preheating the eggs before hatching, closing the inlet and outlet holes, illuminating the eggs after the 5th to 6th embryonic age, and increasing the temperature of the incubations room can be taken.
In the later stage, the incubations temperature should be lowered by 0.3 °C ~ 0.5 °C; the incubation humidity should reach 65% ~ 70%, and the relative humidity of the incubations room should be 75%;
Increase the ventilation; the turntable is carried out at the age of 19 embryos; the secondary picking is carried out after 1/2 of the chicks are out of the shell, and attention is paid to the handling of the chicks after they are out of the shell.