(2)Symptoms of cold and flu in poultry farm ?

Part 2: Wind-heat cold and wind-cold cold can be converted into each other

For the question “Will a cold with wind heat turn into a cold with cold?”, the answer is that it is possible to convert. Wind-heat flu can not only turn into wind-cold flu, but in turn, wind-cold flu can also turn into wind-heat flu.Especially for chickens in the poultry farm, pay more attention

Wind-heat flu turns into wind-cold flu:

When suffering from a cold due to wind-heat, if it is not treated in time and does not pay much attention in daily life, it will catch a cold, which will be converted from a cold with wind-heat into a cold with a cold. Fengreganmao can cause systemic fever and secondary infection of Escherichia coli, resulting in follicular necrosis, peritonitis, and a serious drop in egg production rate. Dead chickens increased.

Wind-cold flu turns into wind-heat flu:

The weather is cold, and the common cold is the common cold. The cold and cold will basically not die until the severe virus is not secondary, nor will it cause a significant drop in egg production. However, due to the influence of their own physical constitution, environment and eating habits, some chickens will enter the body and turn into heat, which will gradually transform into a wind-heat cold. “It will lead to egg drop; lead to bronchial blockage or airsacculitis.

Whether it is poultry farm a cold with wind-heat or a cold with wind-cold, it should be treated symptomatically according to the existing symptoms, not blindly.