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“When you enter a chicken farm, you have to disinfect it in advance. After you enter, you can’t smell any bad smell, and you can hardly see a fly.” Last year, Mr. Huang spent 2 million yuan to build a 1,000-square-meter house in the green mountains and green waters. The high-standard modern chicken house of square meters has a breeding scale of more than 30,000 chickens.

At around 9:00 in the morning, it was time to feed the chickens. I saw a few feeding trucks coming from a distance. Mr. Huang jokingly said that these mechanized “workers” are fast and precise, and they are really reliable! “In the past, we needed 4 people to load materials, and we were very tired. Manual feeding, three times a day, took three or four hours. Now it is mechanized feeding, just press the remote control. Machine feeding, feeding volume It is uniform, and it can be guaranteed to add more and more frequently.”

Advantages of automatic feeder equipment!

Advantages of automatic feeder equipment!

Pointing to a white water pipe on one side of the steel cage, the chicken farm technician introduced to the author: “This is the water line for feeding the chickens.” The “duty” of the water line is to ensure that the chickens can drink water and drink water. good water. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to regularly clean the internal scale to ensure water quality, and secondly, adjust the height and angle of the water line according to the growth stage of the chicken. “Water them at an angle of 45 degrees, but the chicks are growing taller. If they don’t adjust in time, they will have to tilt their heads when drinking water, which is very uncomfortable.”

broiler equipment

broiler chicken cage

With the help of a complete ventilation system, cleaning system, and feeding system, Mr. Huang ‘s modern chicken coop is clean and hygienic, with constant temperature and humidity, and the chicken coop has become a “machine” coop. No worries.

The result of standardization, standardization and modern breeding is that the body shape of the white feather chicken is more uniform, the physique is stronger, and the meat quality is better than before. In the jargon of the chicken industry, it means that the “feed-to-meat ratio” has dropped, and the output value has increased.

broiler equipment01

broiler equipment01

“The so-called ‘feed-to-meat ratio’, for example, in the past, one catty of feed yielded one catty of meat, but now I can achieve one catty and a half or one catty of four taels of feed and one catty of meat.” Mr. Huang said, the reason for such a situation The change is because the fully automated “machine” house can provide a healthier and more stable growth environment for the chickens, and the spirits of the chickens are also better.

Speaking of breeding benefits, Mr. Huang said proudly: “At present, the price of a white-feathered chicken is around 30 yuan, and the output value of 30,000 chickens can reach nearly one million yuan. The benefits of a modern chicken house can surpass two traditional chicken houses.”

chicken equipment

chicken equipment

This year is Mr. Huang’s twelfth year raising chickens. He said: “After more than ten years of tossing, I finally made it through. Raising chickens made money in previous years, but the money was made day and night. Spring and summer alternate, and the temperature often rises and falls sharply. In the past, when there was a big drop in temperature, We have to heat up the boiler in the chicken coop, and we have to get up several times a night. Unlike now, I can sleep peacefully every day.” Recalling the hard work of raising chickens in the past, Mr. Huang felt more and more that the advancement of technology made it easy to make money.

“Many details cannot be taken lightly. In order to ensure ventilation, a smoke experiment must be done every once in a while. After the smoke is sent in through the window, observe whether the wind falls in the middle of the chicken house, and the wind should not fall directly on the chicks, otherwise Chickens are prone to colds,” Mr Huang said.

In the next step, Mr. Huang plans to build another modern chicken coop to create a “garden-style chicken farm” to make the chicken farming business bigger and stronger.

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