Common sense of chicken house fan water curtains!

1.Common sense of chicken house fan water curtain!

The number of fan wet curtains in the laying hen house should be sufficient and matched with each other.

The calculation of the wet curtain of the chicken house fan is relatively complicated. In principle, it is required that the air in the chicken house can be exchanged at least once in 1 minute, and the area of ​​the air inlet is at least 2.5 times that of the air outlet.

wet curtain

wet curtain

2.Common problems and solutions:


1.When the number of fans is sufficient and the area of ​​the wet curtain is insufficient: the resistance of the fan increases, and the individual fan blades cannot be fully opened in a semi-working state, which is easy to burn the motor; the wet curtain is under increased pressure, and the wet curtain faces the chicken house protrude;

Because the air in the chicken house is quickly exhausted and the intake air is insufficient, the chicken house is in a state of negative pressure and hypoxia.

Due to the deterioration of the oxygen-deficient constitution of the chickens, there is an inexplicable decline in egg-laying performance, and it is difficult to find the cause.

Solution: one is that the two must match; the other is to add wet curtains on both sides of the wet curtain end (it is not advisable to humidify the curtain from the middle, the cooling effect will be reduced due to the short circuit of the incoming wind); the third is to add wet curtains, It is better to turn on the fan less; fourth, when the high temperature and high humidity need to open the fan more, the window with a certain gap can be properly opened at the fan end to let in the air.

2.When the wet curtain area is sufficient and the number of fans is insufficient (the fans should have 1-2 spare fans based on the standard configuration): the cooling effect of the chicken house is poor. The solution is to increase the number of fans according to the mutual configuration values.

3.When the fan and wet curtain are insufficient: the cooling effect of the chicken house is extremely poor, the feed intake is low in summer, and the chicken flocks will get sick in autumn due to the severe negative nutritional balance in summer. Solution: According to the number of fans and wet pads and matching values, rebuild the wet pads and increase the fans.